2021 Summer Strength Program

Welcome to the 2021 Summer Strength Registration page. Thank you to all that have supported the Strength program, your efforts have truly shown up in the past year. We are working towards a unified strength program that develops not only the individual, as they prepare for their activities, but also the entire Lakeville South Activities culture. There is one absolute we know – every athlete can benefit from becoming stronger. When individuals become stronger, especially training with their teammates and peers, the culture and the Team becomes stronger.

As we continue to move through the ever changing COVID environments, we are developing a preliminary schedule based on training inside this summer. As much as we enjoyed training outdoors last year, we were lucky to fly have lost 2 training days directly to weather. If the COVID restrictions put us in a position to move back outdoors, we know how to do this and will be ready to make that transition. We ask that you remain flexible with us, as we will do what is best for the program to get them most training benefit possible this summer. We will communicate as much as possible any changes. Thank you for your understanding!

Grades 6-12 Program Information

Grades 3-5 Program Information

Tentative Preliminary Schedule

The first step in registration, is to fill out the registration form. Once this is complete, a link will be supplied in the form confirmation to complete payment. If you do not receive the link (Google does have some quirks), it is available here. You will need to fill out the registration form 1 time for each participant you register, but you can combine payments. Here are the links:

Please fill out this form: Registration

Go here for payment: Payment Page

Our summer program cost is $175+credit card fee.  We are a self-sustaining program that must pay for all coaches, insurance, equipment, certification costs, etc.  We do not receive any direct financial support from ISD#194.  We strive to keep our cost as low as possible to be accessible for as many families as possible.  The value of the Professional, Certified training your son/daughter will receive FAR exceeds the cost of the program.

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