Weightlifting Shoes

The subject of weightlifting shoes comes up frequently with lifters. First – they are not required by rule for a competition. However, they are extremely beneficial to a lifter for competition and training. The main problem with them is that they are a specialty shoe, meaning they should only be used for a few movements in the weight room. They are designed mainly for the Weightlifting movements and their derivatives, squats, and any ground based movement. They are not intended for movement work (agility, acceleration, jumps etc).

Just like many shoes, their fit and fashion are a matter of individual choice and opinion. And like many other types of shoes, you can spend a lot of money and not really get more for the price. That said, a quality set of shoes should start around $100. The VS at $90 is a good value shoe and we have had lifters use them for years. Again, it will come down to individual opinion.

The most solid advice on sizing is, use your actual shoe size unless there is a specific recommendation from the shoe company (i.e. order 1/2 size larger etc.). Basic care is needed to keep them in good shape for the longest period. Do not wear them outside – ever. This can embed sand, dirt, pebbles etc. that can damage platforms and make the shoes less effective. Wear good socks and keep them in a space with good airflow when not being used. Put your name, or identifying mark on them as someone else will inevitably have a similar pair.

Here are some resources for ordering, we do not advocate or endorse any so it is up to you. Not included here, but Amazon also has them, but be sure to order a specific “Weightlifting” shoe when looking – there are many hybrid type of shoes that are fine, but true Weightlifting shoes are best for Weightlifting.

VS Athletics

Rogue Fitness


Dynamic Fitness


Dick’s Sporting Goods

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